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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 27, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a bay area school, the center of a police investigation. tonight, the alleged attack on a 6-year-old girl. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. some tough questions tonight from parents at an east bay elementary school after reports of a possible sexual battery on campus, the alleged victim, just 6 years old. ken wayne live at the east bay waldorf school with what he's been able to learn. >> reporter: that is the
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question tonight, frank. was it a sexual battery, or simple horse play? the 6-year-old attends the private east bay waldorf school in el sobrante. the girl's mother tells me last week, her daughter was pushed to the ground by one of the school boys who took off her closed and touched her. >> what we understand happened is inappropriate conduct, in a playground setting, where a child experienced improper touching. >> reporter: a school administrator tells a different story. the school's community developer told me the children did not remove the girl's clothing, or have any inappropriate conduct. saying they simply pushed the girl to the ground and put a woodchip on her stomach. the boys were told that was
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wrong, but no criminal conduct was performed. >> we're trying to talk to the school authorities which is why we came here tonight, but they preferred to have a meeting without us tonight, so they can have their own discussions and we're going to talk to them in the morning. >> reporter: one parent says she pulled her children out of east bay waldorf out of concern for their well-being. officers hope to have specialists interview the girl before determines if there's enough evidence to warrant filing charges. live in el sobrante, ken wayne. ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the shooting death of b.a.r.t. police sergeant tom smith.
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the deputy confirmed it was officer michael maes who shot tom smith. >> reporter: you'lly, tonight i spoke with the older brother of officer mae who tells me they have a close relationship. he says officer michael mae always strives to do the right thing. >> michael is very remorseful, if you will and very sad. very upset. >> reporter: john mae says relatives have been staying with his younger brother. officer michael may since the deadly shooting. he says this is painful time for his family and the family of thomas smith who was killed tuesday. he describes his brother as unselfish, and committed to serving the community. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. promotional video for holiday
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safety tips is very much what he's like in person. ready to help, whenever, and wherever needed. he is the single father of a 14- year-old daughter. now, john mae says his family is morning alongside sergeant smith's family. >> it's something that stays with us. it's something that hurts. and it's unimaginable. >> reporter: officer mae studied criminal justice that went with then cal state hayward. he went on to become a police officer in muraga before joining b.a.r.t. police 14 years ago. >> very conscientious. he wasn't reckless. just a person that wanted to do the right thingment. >> reporter: john may says his brother and sergeant smith were friends and golfing buddies.
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he tells me he hasn't asked his brother how the shooting happened. he says he wants the investigation to run its course. >> it seems unfair that this can happen in life. to two people that are good people. warranting to better the community, better the world. and it just, it's sad. it really is. >> reporter: john mae tells me he and other family members will join officer mae at sergeant smith's funeral. >> more details now. the funeral for detective sergeant thomas smith is set for 10:00 a.m.. the church is also known as the three crosses church. as a result of that shooting, the b.a.r.t. police chief announced he is making an immediate change to how officers handle probation searches. the chief says from now on, officers need written approval from a deputy chief before a probation search is conducted.
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the chief also says he believes in transparency, and wants to get the full details of what happened inside that apartment in dublin, and would not confirm reports that officer maes miss confirmed officer smith for a suspect. >> we can train our people every other day, and have them actually perform on the field in the offdays, and probably something like this could go wrong. >> reporter: the chief has asked the department of justice to review some of the officers policies. and procedures used to search people and residences. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage as new information e memories from the investigation. we will bring it do you both on air and on mobile devices. more legal fallout from
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last summer's asiana crash at san francisco airport. a claim accusing the department of defaming her. this is video from a helmet camera earlier this month of responding to the crash. she says her name was released to the media, and identified as the one who drove over wan, killing her. duckett says she is being discriminated against, because she is african american, and lesbian. the san francisco bulls hockey team announced it is calling it quits. it opened at the cow palace in 2012, and only made it one and a half seasons. it was trying to find new ownership, but a deal was never finalized. the bulls were affiliated with the san jose sharks. the team is offering refunds for upcoming games.
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revealing information with bay area infrastructure. the company responsible for those welds was blamed for a major problem during the retrofit of the carkenas bridge. they sent 250,000 of the wrong bolts for the 1999 seismic retrofit. those bolts were eventually remade. it was the company working on sections of the bay bridge where engineers found hundreds of cracks in some of the welds on the new bridge. a san francisco family filed a lawsuit today against the rideshare service uber. it involves an accident in which one of uber's drivers fatally struck a 6-year-old girl. noel walker explains why legal experts are watching this case closely. there are distractions, and
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dangers in a busy city. buses, cars, bikes, and pedestrians all have to share the road. but sometimes they don't. 6-year-old sophia lu was hit and killed new year's day. surveillance video shows the girl and her mother walking and then being hit as she stepped into the crosswalk. the driver was a partner of uber x. though uber says he was not providing service at the time. >> reporter: today the family filed this wrongful death lawsuit against uber and the driver. the complaint filed today alleges he was logged onto the uber app at the time of the collision and was appearing as an uber, or uber x driver. implying the driver was working. >> that's ridiculous. what he was was on their app available for people to pick him as a driver, which is the
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very essence of uber's business, without those people having empty cars, uber has no business. >> to save a few dollars, you could ruin your life with this kind of a system. >> reporter: this could be a test case for the gray area of rideshare liability. >> this is a perfect example why we need a little regulation in the areament why leaving this to the wild wild west is probably not such a good idea. >> reporter: until some of these legal issues are cleared up, he would advise people not to use those rider services. >> as ridesharing apps become more popular, one that helps you hail a taxi is expanding in san francisco. the fly wheel app announced a new partnership with the luxor cab company. that gives fly wheel users access to more than 600 additional drivers from the city's second largest taxi fleet. it is now the dominant provider of taxi access, using your smartphone. the app also allows you to
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track your cab until it arrives, and pay for your ride with your phone. apple's latest earnings report shows holiday sales were disappointing. the numbers were less than what analysts had expected. apple is losing ground to samsung, which now has about 30% of the smartphone market, compared to 18% for apple. apple also says it's not expecting a lot of improvement in this current quarter. after today's report, apple stock fell in extended trading. shares closed at $506. they were down more than $44, or 8%. the broader market also took a hit. the dow dropped 41 points. the nasdaq fell 44. from police blue to prison yellow. >> abusing kids, police, status to try to get out of the trouble that he's about to be in. >> the officer facing child
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molestation charges, and what police say he told them when he found the victim in his car. >> a pattern of dry weather, transitioning into some rain. i'll lay out the areas that
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new at 10:00, smash and
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grab thefts target people everywhere. but there's a twist. a string of tar break-ins at palo alto, and the particular type of car targeted. >> reporter: before this restaurant was closed for the night, it's parking lot was packed. this being silicon valley, many of them were rental cars. it was in this lot earlier this month, nine cars were hit in one night. seven of them rentals. >> plane rims, windows aren't tinted. >> reporter: the signs this is a rental car license plate with no frame. bar code sticker on the window. and since the driver is likely in between places, airport, hotel, meeting, he's probably carrying his electronics with him. it happens in seconds, very discreet. >> they'll break out the glass, typically, they reach in and grab the item. they put it on, and they're out. >> reporter: 47 cars this month. most of them rentals. >> today's my first day here. i traveled from st. louis.
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>> reporter: he is parked in a hot zone, outside a restaurant, during the dinner hour. when most of the break-ins happen. >> it's a little unnerving. it certainly makes me think twice when i'm eating dinner. they still know it's a rental car, so they'll pop the trunk. >> it's one latch, you pull that latch, and everything you have in your trunk is gone. >> reporter: palo alto police say this man, vernon evans carmichael of san francisco committed dozens of break-ins, targeting rentals, going back to last summer when was spotted fleeing in a rented suv at the stanford mall. arrested, he skipped bail. then surfaced again this month as the prime suspect when nine cars were bashed outside this restaurant. >> reporter: back in palo alto, where he knew he was a wanted man. >> in his mind, it's obviously worth it, or it's an easy
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target. obviously, now he's in custody, and facing 27 felony counts. so he's got some time to do. >> reporter: even with police spreading the word, and urging visitors to carry their stuff with them, we found this rented prius with a backpack in full view. even when arrests are made, it's rare that anything is recovered. those laptops, tablets smart phones, they all sell fast. police in south san francisco have released a sketch of a man they say exposed himself to a group of girls. he is 5'10", with an average build and potbelly. investigators say the man walked into the girl's locker room at south san francisco high school two weeks ago. police say some cheerleaders were changing their clothes, and the man made eye contact them, and left without saying anything.
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under an agreement, high- tech companies such as google, microsoft, and linked in are allowed to reveal how often they're ordered to turn over information about their customers in national security demands. the companies can release the numbers twice a year, but only six months after the federal requests are made. president obama will address the nation tomorrow night delivering his annual state of the union address. ktvu's ken pritchett is in san francisco where he just learned that one of the guests who will be sitting with the first lady is from here in the bay area. >> reporter: the news connecting the state of the union speech and the city of san francisco came out about an hour ago. as for the speech itself, and what it will contain, the white house is saying very little. we don't know exactly what the president will say, but what do people want to hear in his state of the union? >> education, i want to hear a
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lot about education. >> the economy, state of the jobs. >> maybe obamacare came into play, and let's see where that ends up. i have a lot of friends that really hurt. >> reporter: his popularity at an abysmal 42%. >> it's right about where george w. bush was at this stage in his administration. obviously, he went on to lose roughly 50 seats in the house. >> reporter: usf political science president says president obama must address the affordable care act. the website launch was a political fiasco, and red meat for republicans in an election year. >> he certainly can defend the law, but at the same time, has to acknowledge that mistakes were made. >> reporter: on foreign affairs, the president is expected to highlight his hopes to end the war. he can expect no cooperation. >> i think he has to say to congress, this is where we're going to go over the next year, and we're going to go there
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regardless of whether you go there with me or not. >> reporter: few goals of any of the last state of the state came to be. will this year be any different? >> given the longer heads in congress, i really don't see that happening. >> reporter: as for the connection between the state of the union and the city of san francisco, the white house released mayor ed lee will be joining mrs. obama at the state of the union as her guest, sitting in the box with the first lady, the white house cited among other things, mayor lee's work on immigration and the minimum wage. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. you can watch the state of the union right here on ktvu. our coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow night. right after ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. he plans to talk about the
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economy in maryland. on thursday, the president is scheduled to visit a general electric facility in wisconsin. he will then head to tennessee to speak at a high school. tess letter says it's super charger network across the country is 80% complete. the company has set up super charger stations that will allow owners of the model s to drive across the country in about three days. tesla says the chargers are the fastest for the model s. the company says they're placed near major highways, restaurants, and shops, so there's something to do while your car is being charged. moisture moving into the bay area right now, we had the cloud cover all day. we had mild temperatures partly sunny, partly cloudy. you see the showers streaming in. to the north portion of california, we've got showers around chico, and paradise. it's not showing up here on the
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radar, but the atmosphere is moistening up. things are changing around. looks like we're going to get a good shot of rain as we move forward. tonight at 10:00, here's where we are. as we go into tomorrow morning, you see light, this is not the rain event. this is just moisture. light sprinkles. light drizzle into tomorrow morning. might be a little wet on the roadways. there's real rain behind this. at 10:45, i'll walk you through the timeline for the forecast that has rain in it. we're following some breaking news right now. coming up after the break, a shooting outside an east bay walgreens within the last 90 minutes. what we've learned at the
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the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll today. at breaking news from east
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oakland. a man was shot and badly wounded at a walgreens parking lot. officers received a call about the shooting a few minutes after 9:00. at this point, they don't have any information about possible suspects or a motive for the shooting. if we get more information, we will let you know. a san francisco police officer pleaded not guilty to allegations of child molestation. the alleged victim is a 15-year- old boy. the officer's past and his role in a controversial police shooting. >> reporter: officer richard hastings is on the other side of the law. the contra costa district attorney says he was with a 15- year-old boy in concord, trying to get the teen to have sex in a car. it was the 10th time hastings allegedly met the teen on a corner, until concord police
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showed up. >> he says don't worry, i'm a police officer, we're fine. he's abusing his police status to get out of the trouble that he's about to be in. >> reporter: hasting's attorney says the relationship was consensual. the two met through an online dating website, where the teen claimed to be older than 18. but she doesn't buy it. he's the same officer who received a medal of valor in the controversial shooting death of kenneth harding jr. in 2011. hastings and another officer exchanged fire with harding after a muni check, but harding eventually shot himself. >> it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: a judge reduced hastings bail to $100,000. >> i think this is a fair amount. >> do you think he will be able to post it and get out? >> yes, i think he will. >> reporter: the district attorney's office feels
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hastings is a threat to the public. they say children are taught to trust officers and officers shouldn't violate their oath to serve and protect. hastings maintains he's not guilty, despite the evidence of child pornography on his computer. reporting in martinez, ktvu, channel 2 news. police have put all the surveillance video for clues after three armed men robbed a chipotle restaurant. the restaurant had just closed when police say three masked meant entered through a backdoor. police say thed suspects pistol whipped four employees, even though the employees were cooperative. they got away in a tan colored car, possibly an older model toyota. uc berkely police say a female student was sexually assaulted over the weekend in a campus housing unit in albany on saturday night after the
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victim was invited to an off- campus bar. the alleged attacker has not been arrested. he is described as hispanic. 40 years old. 5'7", weighing about 170 pounds. new information tonight about a bay area high school graduate accused of possessing a weapon of mass destruction. what we learned about the items found in his home, and the different ways they can be used. >> water fountains are flowing now, but drought conditions are expanding. how close districts are to imposing mandatory limits and fi
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ktvu news has learned that san francisco may soon ask its
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customers to cut back on their water use, now that we're officially in a drought. other districts may go even further with mandatory restrictions. jana katsuyama in fremont tonight with the details on those cut backs and how customers are reacting. >> reporter: frank, this water fountain behind me in fremont just shut off about an hour or two ago. it might be permanently shut off as this drought continues. they've called for voluntary conservation here. i've heard from a source san francisco is expected to call for cut backs too by the end of the week. the sound of falling water isn't usually confined to outdoor fountains this time of year, but this winter's drought has water districts worried about saving every drop. >> we've been informed we can expect very little water from the state of california. >> reporter: many districts are
11:31 pm
asking customers for voluntary conservation. ktvu has learned that san francisco plans to ask customers for a voluntary 10% cut back this week. already, marin has asked for a 25% voluntary cut. the zone 7 water district covering livermore, dublin, and pleasanton, 20%. santa cruz has put water restrictions on irrigation and pools. areas that have not announced cuts include east bay mud, contra costa, hayward, and santa clara districts. >> just to wash the dishes, not using the dishwasher. >> it's going to be hard because we have kids. it's easier for the adults, but the kids, you have to stay on top of them. >> reporter: districts try to recoup lower revenues. but alameda district says they have a rainy day fund to tap
11:32 pm
into. >> reporter: the santa clara county district is expected to meet tomorrow to discuss about a 10% reduction. and customers in other districts could see mandatory conservation numbers imposed by mid-february. reporting live in fremont, jana katsuyama. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, final details were released today, outlining california's strategy for increasing water supplies over the next five years. the action plan includes educating people to make conservation essentially a way of life in california. it also recommends increasing regional self-reliance, expanding water storage capacity, and improving ground water, monitoring and management. a dilemma for bay area cattle ranchers. one rancher broke down talking to us because of what he may have to do. the drastic measures this
11:33 pm
drought is forcing some to take. the royal caribbean ship is now due back in new jersey on wednesday instead of friday. more than 600 passengers and crew reported gastrointestinal illness and the systems are consistent with norovirus. new information about a pennsylvania college student from san carlos charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction. the young man admitted he experienced with explosives in the bay area. john fowler tells us what else investigators are learning. >> reporter: the family home is in this upscale san carlos neighborhood. a woman's voice politely, but firmly asked me to leave my card. 18-year-old mechanical
11:34 pm
engineering student, reportedly made conflicting statements to police. >> i had no idea. this entire story just blew my mind when i found out about it. >> reporter: he first told officers, quote, he was going to blow things up. police say in addition to marijuana, they discovered potassium nitrate water. and a pound of potassium chloride imported from china. >> these items are also used in the making of fireworks. >> reporter: jd nelson. >> what was his intent? that is going to be the key. >> reporter: a so-called completed device similar to this was so-called flash powder. he planned to go somewhere remote in pennsylvania to set it off, but was too afraid to do so. the chemicals are readily
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attainable online, delivered to your door. he remains in a pennsylvania jail on a half million dollars bond. >> at, we've posted the entire criminal complaint against the suspect so you can read it for yourself. look for the hot topic section on the front page. gusty winds, and sub-zero temperatures are putting much of the midwest in a deep freeze. public officials are urging people to stay home because of whiteout conditions on roads. several states closed highways today after a weekend of deadly accidents. the extended cold snap has also caused a propane shortage and a spike in fuel prices. some governments are implementing measures to speed up the delivery of propane. in chicago, forecasters say temperatures could remain below zero until early wednesday. that could add up to about 60 hours, which is the longest stretch of sub-zero weather since 1983. temperatures are expected to
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dip as low as minus 23 overnight. the airline began selling its first tickets today for international flights. southwest is able to do it this after buying its rival airtran in 2011. airtran will continue to fly internationally until the end of this year, then service will switch over to southwest. right now, southwest carries more domestic passengers than any u.s. airline. a new passenger boarding area at san francisco international airport is set to officially open for business as of tomorrow morning. we got a sneak peek at terminal 3's boarding area e last week. it features eight retail stores, and local pop up stores, even a he yoga facility. united airlines plans to start with four departing flights, and add more through the week. a fine of $100 for being
11:37 pm
homeless? >> you can fine people who have no money? that's laughable. >> weeks waiting for a drop of rain, but in just a few days, the wait could be over. how much pr
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there are concerns about identity theft on the peninsula tonight after a string of mail thefts in bellmont. it appears the suspects are taking what they want, and tossing the rest on the street. police are encouraging people to install locks on their mailboxes and be on the lookout
11:40 pm
for suspicious activity. the bomb squad was called out to scott street in pacific heights at about 10:30 this morning. police say someone placed a container with flammable liquid inside a portable toilet there. the incident prompted some evacuations and shelter in place orders. police say they don't think the incident is linked to previous arsons around the city. a mall in maryland reopened today with a somber reminder of a shooting that left three people dead over the weekend. mall visitors can float flowers in the fountain and sign a guest book. authorities say 19-year-old darion aguilar, took a taxi to the mall and gunned down two skate shop employees before he killed himself. investigators are looking through aguilar's journal for a motive. they say he expressed a general unhappiness about life, but at this point have found no connection with the two victims. a new study finds 10,000
11:41 pm
young people are hurt or killed from guns every year. the study led by a yale professor found the majority of those injured were shot during assaults. for young children, they were most often hurt in accidental shootings. one expert on gun policy and research says the u.s. has about ten times the number of youth deaths from guns than other high income countries. the super bowl this coming sunday has declared a level 1 security. a specialized x-ray truck is scanning every vehicle. that means everything brought into the stadium complex in east rutherford, new jersey, will be examined. >> we're x-raying every piece of equipment, beverage, cargo, seat cushion, food, everything going into the stadium has to be x-rayed before it goes in.
11:42 pm
>> the fbi has set up a joint operations and surveillance center in newark where they look at information that could be related to the super bowl. if you are not going to new jersey, you can always watch the super bowl right here on kickoff is set for 3:30 sunday afternoon. sonoma county dairy farmers having to make tough decisions. how cows are becoming casualties of the draught. >> chief meteorologist bill martin tracking some rain heading for northern california. he's back in five minutes with just how significant
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11:44 pm
a marin county oyster farm will remain open as the owner pushes his appeal to the u.s.
11:45 pm
circuit court. they allowed a stay to remain in operation for 90 days while the legal team prepares a petition. the owner is challenging a decision by the former interior secretary that will allow the lease to expire. the livermore city council discussed a controversial proposal tonight that critics say unfairly targets the homeless. many attended the meeting. livermore's mayor says the goal of the ordinance is to clear encampments and get people into shelters. critics say fining people, and threatening them with jail time is not the solution. >> you can fine people with no money? that's laughable. the next choice is, your going to put them in jail? >> that's not the point, it's not the issue. it gives us the authority to remove encampments, in that way
11:46 pm
protecting public health. >> a second reading and vote could come at the next city council meeting in two weeks. good news for the summer program. the city says it found a new home at echo lake near south lake tahoe. for those hoping to head to the lake tahoe camp in year, registration opens on february 12. three different camping sessions are scheduled in june and august. farmers are among the hardest hit by all of this dry weather. rob resort tells us, some of them in the north bay are being forced to take drastic measures to stay afloat. >> reporter: he's worried if the lack of rain lasts much longer, he will have to cull his herd of cows. a polite way to say many will be spent to slaughter. >> i spent 30 years doing this.
11:47 pm
and it's, you know, this is your life. >> reporter: but he says without water he doesn't know how he can afford to keep operating. >> these are your animals. we've raised these from young, young cattle. >> reporter: he says at this time of the year, his pasture should be thick and green, not brown and sparse. so he and other beef operators are buying hay, which can be expensive. we found another beef rancher who sent 20% of his cattle already to slaughter. more cattle may follow. >> if we don't see moisture in the next 30 days, we can just about write off the entire feed season. it's going to require meat producers to retire cattle. >> reporter: ranchers say all they can do now is hope that it rains, and soon. >> hopefully in february we get some rain. but we're going to have to get a lot of rain. >> reporter: without a lot of
11:48 pm
rain, a lot of dairy calves could become casualties of historic drought, and so may a lot of dairy farms as well. in petaluma, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> at, we have a special section dedicated to the drought. you will find up to date information on restrictions in your area, and which reservoirs near you are hit the hardest. just look for the hot topics section on our home page. temperatures cooled off just a couple of degrees today. maybe two or three degrees. five dreys in other places. a lot of cloud cover. now we're getting sprinkles out there. warm spots in the area. 69 in napa. it was just 58 degrees in san francisco. cooler there, significantly. what's happening here? the jet stream had been way up here in the north. way up north. now it's dropped further south. see it down here? so with that happening, we're seeing a better shot at showers in the bay area.
11:49 pm
you can see the clouds. right now, you see all the moisture moving in. that moisture is going to continue to stream in, and prime the atmosphere for a chance of some showers, as we go through time. let's come in close here. as we look out in the east bay. we have showers out here. not much to speak of. how much rain have we had? almost none. there's december. that little storm we had on the 6th. that was it. look at january. almost nothing. just a brief bit of rain on the 11th. here's our shot of rain on the 30th. there's some hope for that. the jet stream is changing. it started to drop south. that's not just going to change for the next several days, but should change for the neck couple of weeks. that would be great news. a cooler pattern. clouds, and more showers in the forecast, certainly through the next three days, and perhaps into the next couple of weeks. this is a major pattern shift that could be very helpful. here's the computer model as we go into wednesday morning. the showers to the north. then we go into wednesday, late night, early thursday morning.
11:50 pm
still here. watch thursday morning about 7:00 a.m. kind of moves through the bay area. this is not a big deal storm at all, but it's something. there's a secondary wave behind it that could bring more showers. this is wednesday night into thursday morning. then a little bit, something perhaps into thursday afternoon and friday morning. they're going to get snow in the mountains as well. it should be a real good producer for them up there. the forecast highs a lot like today. 67 in vacaville. 65 in clear lake. 68 in brentwood. tomorrow is a lot like today. there will be a few sprinkles. we talked about that. reports up in sonoma. super bowl sunday, big game here on channel 2. mark ibanez is going to be all over that. you can see the temperature. here's the deal with the temperature on that. it's real cold out there now, but temps are going to come back to closer to normal. there's your five-day forecast. your bay area weekend coming into view. a change in the pattern.
11:51 pm
a significant change in the pattern. >> we need that. somehow, i think they're going to get that super bowl sunday game in no matter what the weather. >> they're going to be fine. >> thank you bill. the giants are issuing a casting call for fans with team spirit. camera crews will be filming new giant commercials this wednesday, thursday, and friday. and they need 1200 extras each day. they will be posting a registration form on the team's website. experts should dress in giants gear and bring colorful signs. by the way, there is no compensation, but extras will get a parking pass. when the super bowl ends, it's only like 10 or 12 days until spring training. >> isn't that something? >> but we're still talking about hockey in the meantime. the sharks, they ran into a buzz saw tonight. >> their home ice, not supposed to happen like this. tough to run into a brick wall.
11:52 pm
jonathan quick as usual. 1-0 for the first win in san jose since 2010. great goaltending. a couple of cracks at it. just a glove save. you'll see it again from jonathan quick. he's denied the sharks so many times is. kopitar, sneaking it past. their first goal in 154 minutes. they've had their chances and it hasn't worked for them. the sharks have pulled their goalie. furious attempt. the sharks, quick, a 23 save shutout. the kings themselves with props as they end a five game losing streak. i guess you could say through gritted teeth, 49er fans are going to have to endure a week of build up for the super bowl and all the
11:53 pm
sherm mania that will surely follow. clear and cold. tomorrow, media day. everyone on both teams is fair game. even special teamers, like former 49er michael robinson, turning a blocked punt into a touchdown earlier this year for the hawks. not used to this kind of attention. >> excited to be here, but it's kind of like nerve wracking, like man, look at all of these people here to interviews. no one came to my locker like this during the season. >> the number 1 offense, vs. the number 1 defense is going to get a lot of attention, and it deserves to. i think it's a an offensive player, i have plenty of confidence in our offense. when we're playing well. we look really good. >> all right, former raider tight end there. the warriors meanwhile, have the look of a team that could go deep into the playoffs. last night, t
11:54 pm
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four hours on the slopes.urs on weights. and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back. that was nice. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way.
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this will get your attention. doesn't matter the sport, 18 game winning streak worth talking about. tara and mom, hanging out prior to the game. she will see her daughter lead
11:57 pm
another victory. 12 rebounds, that one on the offensive board. her signature play coming up. fake the pass, take it to the hoop. 30 points. the 10th time this year she's had 30 or more. cardinal now with a 19-1 record. following one of the most satisfying, and emphatic victories of their season, the warriors hoping to get another injection of good news. thursday, david lee will find out if he is again an all-star. most deserving. continues to put up double- doubles on a nightly basis despite dealing with an injured shoulder. he does it on defense too. the warriors held the blazers to 88 points on sunday. his man scoring only 10 points on 2 of 14 shooting. >> part of the nba season is finding a way to be consistent on the nights you don't have
11:58 pm
it. consistency is one of the most difficult things to have in the league, and i try to bring that every night. >> are you going to try to get a pair of shoes like steph
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz"... >> grammy parties are not about music but about camels and naked women. ceelo's party, he has four women jumping on a trampoline and a barbershop in a van. black barbershop. >> you're going to miss the party. >> it's going to take nine hours. >> we got harry styles leaving "swingers" and carrying a container of food. >> i'll take it. i'm hungry, man. >> we have harry styles ha


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